Wednesday, 26 October 2011

it's glorious ricketiness

I think in order to transform a work into a cult object one must be able to break, dislocate, unhinge it so that one can remember only parts of it, irrespective of their original relationship with the whole. In the case of a book one can unhinge it, so to speak, physically, reducing it to a series of excerpts. A movie on the contrary, must be already ramshackle, rickety, unhinged in itself.

A perfect movie, since it cannot be reread every time we want, from the point we choose, as happens with a book, remains in our memory as a whole, in the form of a central idea or emotion; only an unhinged movie survives as a disconnected series of images, of peaks, of visual icebergs. It should display not one central idea but many. It should not reveal a coherent philosophy of composition. It must live on, and because of, it's glorious ricketiness.


Each actor repeats a part played on other occasions and because human beings live not "real" life but life as stereotypically portrayed in previous films.


Two clichés make us laugh because but a hundred clichés move us because we sense dimly that the clichés are talking among themselves, celebrating a reunion. 
Just as the extreme of pain meets sensual pleasure, and the extreme of perversion borders on mystical energy, so too the extreme of banality allows us to catch a glimpse of the Sublime.

Travels in Hyperreality
Umberto Eco 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


"A technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that when an imaging system (a camera or an eye) is placed in the reconstructed beam, an image of the object will be seen even when the object is no longer present."

"When a photograph is cut in pieces, each piece shows only part of the scene. When a hologram is cut in pieces, the whole scene can still be seen in each piece. Think of viewing a street outside your house through a 4ft x 4ft window, and then through a 2ft x 2ft window; You can see the same things through the smaller window, but you can see more at once through the 4ft window and you may need to change your viewing position to see everything in the smaller window."

 Holograms are really horrible things, but the idea is pretty spectacular.

See Wikipedia page on Holography.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Official Trailer HD

Cowboys and Aliens
Groundhog Day

Tacita Dean : Film

Baaaaa I didn't even know this was happening. Yup. Baaaaa.


35mm film played through a 35mm slide projector.


'Simultaneous hope and possible destruction. The beautiful and the grotesque can be almost indistinguishable.'

4 : Intermedia Exhibition

Studio exhibition. 
'225 Archival Loop'
Ongoing archival project. 225 stereoscopic photographs taken of the view from aeroplane windows, playing on a loop through a digital photo frame.

William Kentridge's Stereoscope

Splitting and Transmissions.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Anti Gravity

Jean Cocteau - The Blood of a Poet
See also THE Inception fight scene here. All the secrets here.

Cory Arcangel

"To recap, the show features 14(!!!!!!) bowling video games – late 70’s thru 2000’s – each hacked to throw only gutter balls."

Plus this is pretty genius:

And this.
"About a year ago, I started collecting CD’s related (in my mind at least…) to Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone"