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☼ Links and Loops ☼

Here is my print from the Worlds in Transit exibition with Super-Collider in June...

More info about the project here.

I like how things link to each other, how one piece of information takes you to another, which might take you somewhere, everything links on to something else weaving in and out of the internet and real life. I love when these links cross over and link back to form a loop and another chain of information links.

For example, a friend send me this image in 2011 which took me to around the time they were taking this trip, entitled Unknown Feilds, from Chernobyl to Baikonur. I nearly passed out with jealousy and kept an eye on their subsequent activities, which led me to going on their next trip to watch Venus in Transit last June. 

This in turn led to many other adventures, all from following a sequence of linked images. Like a word association game... but with pictures on the internet. The nature of witnessing the Transit of Venus itself was a quest to see with our own eyes an image we had seen online or in books or had read about. We had to travel to almost the arctic circle, to look through a solar filtered telescope to obtain our very own versions of this image so rarely seen. 

These are particularly excellent images from the Unknown Fields trip that I found myself looking at again recently... 

More here. This one caught my eye...

So I went had a look and found a copy online and it's now in the post winging it's way to my book pile of brain treats. Let's see where this goes. It's quite amazing, the fact that I can see a photo someone took of a book in a pile of rubbish in an abandoned school at Chernobyl and within moments purchased myself a copy of the very same book. 

ps. Win a bit of meteorite and a plastic bag

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Henri Lachambre’s balloon factory

These balloons went from here to here...

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The Academy

"To us ... the word 'Academy' has come to mean an institution of learning, a learned society, or at least a place of theoretical ('academic') education. In ancient Athens, the Academy was first and foremost a public park dominated by its gymnasium, and the connection between it and Plato's school was only one of the numerous historical reminiscences in an area rich in history." 

J Glucker, Antiochus and the Late Academy (Göttingen, 1978)

Monotropa uniflora

Work Experience

For the next month or so I'm doing a bit of work experience at a florist's.

Mariano García Cruz

Vasa Sculptures

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Július Koller

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kwangho Lee


Last month I took the Certificate in Practical Horticulture course at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinbugh.

Mariano García Cruz

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Deep Field

The Deep Field - an image assembled from 342 separate exposures taken by Hubble over 10 consecutive days in December, 1995.

'Golden Eye' - an essay about looking at things that are really far away and the importance of this image.
Read it here

"Gazing at the Deep Field is like mainlining the whole of time through the optic nerve, like counting by fingertip the tree rings of the universe."

Friday, 2 August 2013


For the duration of this residency I aim to go for a run every day. Bishopbriggs is a suburb to the north of Glasgow, and the perfect landscape for running around and looking at gardens. It's a monoblock wonderland.

I'm interested in running for various reasons including the simplicity and repetition of it and it's a good time to think/not think. I enjoy reading and watching documentaries about running so now is the time to actually commit to actually doing it. I'll be using Map My Run because when you log your runs you can trace it on maps and it makes bar graphs. I could take runs that spell out words like Peter Stillman in 'The New York Trilogy'.

I would also like to find out more about Plato's academy, where the three disciplines were were philosophy, mathematics and gymnastics. I'd also like to get really good at the hula-hoop.

Valentina Tereshkova: First woman in space, 1963

Thursday, 1 August 2013

To explore the adjacent possible...

Summer House

*Announcement*: As yet untitled self initiated residency in my back garden for the month of August

On Saturday I left Edinburgh where I lived for 5 years. For the next month I will be deciding what to do next and will be looking for art related opportunities, funding and residencies, as well as work in other areas. In order to have the time to focus on doing so, I have moved home to my parents house in Glasgow.

High on my priorities is seeking out an artist residency so that I can work in a new place, meet new people and have the time and headspace to research various avenues of thought and strengthen the connections between them. This would be invaluable to my practice and would lead to the production of new work and further exciting projects. 

In the mean time, I propose a self initiated residency in my back garden for the month of August. I am in the fortuitous position where I have somewhere to stay rent free for a period of time, and a nice little summerhouse with plenty of windows, electricity, peace and quiet and wi-fi at my disposal. Plus, Glasgow and all it has to offer are just a 7 minute train journey away. What more could I ask for of a residency? 

1. To develop research into PowerPoint, The New Space Race, plants & gardens and Soviet disco lights. 
2. To continue collaborative work with the Information Delivery Service, of which I am a founding member.
3. To figure out what on Earth to do in September. 

Intended Outcomes: 
1. Document research on this blog over the residency period.
2. Clarify ideas in order to strengthen future residency proposals.
3. Make new work in some form. Create a web page of findings.

I am pleased to announce the commencement of this as yet untitled self initiated residency in my back garden was 11 minutes ago.