Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Worlds in Transit

Earlier this month I took a trip to northern Sweden with to watch Venus as it passed directly between Earth and the Sun.
We travelled to Floda ( as it doesn't get dark so we were hoping to see most of the transit. However it DOES get cloudy, and we almost gave up on the idea of seeing anything at all - but in the early hours of the morning, the clouds parted and we caught the last two hours.

Below: miscellaneous picture from the trip taken on my little 35mm Olympus. More to follow.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

In which David finds the best pictures.

Degree Show

Art school is over.
Degree Show 2012 happened. Proper images soon at
In the mean time here are some quite strange images of the room where my work was installed alongside Claire Adams Ferguson, Caroline Dawson and Hannah Watt.
The room for the show was dark as all our works used projectors.
Here the lights are on and the machines are off.