Friday, 30 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Thanks to my li'l sis for sending me this.

Die Welt

Christopher Williams

Monday, 12 December 2011


George Landow / Owen Land

Anthony McCall

Treats from Rachel.
Thank you Rachel.

Main Lecture Theatre

Approximately 6 seconds of Cowboys and Aliens trailer projected through 35mm slide projector in the Main Lecture Theatre.
Selected for imagery
Moving objects as stills.
Looking at things only bigger.
Daniel Craig.

Agent Smith

He's found a way to copy himself.
Now there are more of him.
Lots more.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mission Impossible 4

New favourite trailer. 

Soviet design

Vera Mukhina 12 sided bevelled drinking glass
Zaporozhets Soviet subcompact car 

Picture in your mind a glass, and then a car. 
How things are supposed to look.
Standard/ideal images.

From Made in Russian : Unsung Icons of Soviet Design 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jennifer West

Heavy Metal Sharks Calming Jaws 2 Trailers - Jumping the Shark Film (faded pink super 16mm film prints TV spots of Jaws 2 -- treated with black fabric dye enriched with heavy metals: iron and zinc vitamins, celluloid grated with stone, whipped with hair headbanging, impressed with thumb and pinky print devil ears - headbanging by Monica Kogler and Jwest) 2011 16mm film print transferred to hi definition video 3 Mins 28 Secs Edition of 4+1AP.

Jennifer West at Vilma Gold. Here.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tacita Dean

'Film' installation at the Turbine Hall

The Sudden Walk

The Sudden Walk
by Franz Kafka
When it looks as if you had made up your mind finally to stay at home for the evening, when you have put on your house jacket and sat down after supper with a light on the table to the piece of work or the game that usually precedes your going to bed, when the weather outside is unpleasant so that staying indoors seems natural, and when you have already been sitting quietly at the table for so long that your departure must occasion surprise to everyone, when, besides, the stairs are in darkness and the front door locked, and in spite of all that you have started up in a sudden fit of restlessness, changed your jacket, abruptly dressed yourself for the street, explained that you must go out and with a few curt words of leave-taking actually gone out, banging the flat door more or less hastily according to the degree of displeasure you think you have left behind you, and when you find yourself once more in the street with limbs swinging extra freely in answer to the unexpected liberty you have procured for them, when as a result of this decisive action you feel concentrated within yourself all the potentialities of decisive action, when you recognize with more than usual significance that your strength is greater than your need to accomplish effortlessly the swiftest of changes and to cope with it, when in this frame of mind you go striding down the long streets - then for that evening you have completely got away from your family, which fades into insubstantiality, while you yourself, a firm, boldly drawn black figure, slapping yourself on the thigh, grow to your true stature.

All this is still heightened if at such a late hour in the evening you look up a friend to see how he is getting on.

Cheers Steve.

Before You Sleep : An event in the night time.

35mm Kodak slide projector playing 6 seconds of a 35mm film trailer over approximately 3 minutes. Looped for 2 hours, back projected onto living room window from inside. To be seen from the street, the garden, or by neighbours from their own homes.
Part of a group event/exhibition with Faith Limbrick, Claire Adams Ferguson and Hannah Watt. The invitation read as follows and was accompanied by a map.

Thursday, 1 December 2011