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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fat World

Fat Boothing things that aren't faces with the IDS.

I'd also like to share this picture that I stole from Caroline's blog.

Monday, 26 March 2012


MISSE collects information on how different materials weather in the environment of space."

Venus and Moon

The first and second brightest objects in our night sky just chillin'.
This meeting was witnessed by the Information Delivery Service earlier this evening.


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Assaf Shaham

These! ⤵                         ⤵                          ⤵   


And this...

More here.
Cheers Limbrick.

Green Screen

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Henning Bohl

"...but central to this exhibition was the artist's economical use of the gallery. Only four of the sculptures were shown in the large main space each accompanied by a single plain white cardboard cone, which acted as a kind of location marker. The remaining 12 could be found in a smaller space at the end of the main room. Here they stood cramped, packed, and densely stacked, almost as if the room were a storage space guaranteeing a constant supply for the front room as each of the works was sold.  Bohl referred to the front gallery as the 'show room' and the back space as a garage' - applying terms from the world of car dealing to the ones of art dealing.

Bohl showed the exact same group of works in his recent exhibition in the Kunstverein in Hamburg, even giving the same title to both shows.

...Bohl sites this repetion as a means of tackling today's steady pressure on artists to constantly produce new works and to come up with fresh ideas for each exhibition. 

...According to Bohl, this allows the artist to gain time for the more important things in life - things not related to art."

From Frieze Issue 145


On the 15th of March 2012, my Information Delivery Service associates and I presented our first public on Information Speculation at Inspace, Edinburgh.

Recording of the event was permitted.



In collaboration with Claire Adams Ferguson.

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This is what my art should be....

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio Slideshow
Leonardo Dicaprio Slideshow
leonardo dicaprio slideshow
Leonardo Dicaprio Slideshow
Leonardo DiCaprio Slideshow 2
Leonardo DiCaprio Montage



Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Princess Square

A nice image file I found on my computer, along with many others like it. This one just had the best name.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Frieze: Stock Piles

An article on stock images and artists that deal with this:

Note in particular: "In 2009, Getty Images – which was founded in 1995 to ‘bring the fragmented stock photography business into the digital age’ – acquired Flickr, a website for uploading amateur photography from which they now openly source material for commercial sale."

Sifting through archives.
Dealing with vast quantities of images.
Organisation and selection of images is being sold rather than creation.

Above image: Oliver Laric - Kopienkritik (Copy Criticism), 2011

Philippe Parreno

Charles Negre


Information Delivery Service - They're the ones!

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An article about the moon

Notes on Metamodernism, The Lunar Tic article here.

"Until the moment the moon is two, the characters spend no time looking at the moon. But once they have noticed the moon has a sibling, they suddenly cannot take their eyes of either one of them."

Image: Darren Almond, Dragon's Eye from the Fullmoon series. Long exposure photographs taken on nights with a full moon.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Film still
Tower of Babel
Metropolis (1927)

Spiros Hadjidjanos and JODI

"This exhibition explores the concept of Internet Time. Hadjidjanos' installation of altered routers provide visualizations of real time information packets in the form of pulsing flickers of neon light transmitted through elongated fiber optic cables. This architecture is coupled with a re-imagined website from JODI, which antagonizes the visualized network. This pairing results in a visually manifested information dialogue, creating a dynamic physical Internet presence."

Oliver Laric

 All of this :
 Where was this when I was doing my dissertation?

Friday, 2 March 2012


The Information Delivery Service proudly presents:

Information Speculation

15th March 2012, 8-9.30pm
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

The Information Delivery Service proudly announces its first public lecture on the topic of Information Speculation.

Attempts are being made by each one of us to make some sense of the constant stream of social, audio, spatial, visual, local and global information in which we find ourselves precariously spinning. Each of us attempts to do so equipped with approximately 1.4kg of electrolysed grey matter. At this moment in time no method has yet been employed by the human race to absorb and funnel this data to a satisfactory level. 

The IDS is dedicated to developing it's own idiosyncratic concepts of communication and information, knowledge and expertise. They aim to then dissolve these structures and wallow somewhere in between imagination and anxiety and take pleasure in the inevitable impossibility of information delivery.

Please join us for a one-hour performative lecture on the subject of information itself.

Refreshments will be provided over conversation following the main event.