Saturday, 24 March 2012

Henning Bohl

"...but central to this exhibition was the artist's economical use of the gallery. Only four of the sculptures were shown in the large main space each accompanied by a single plain white cardboard cone, which acted as a kind of location marker. The remaining 12 could be found in a smaller space at the end of the main room. Here they stood cramped, packed, and densely stacked, almost as if the room were a storage space guaranteeing a constant supply for the front room as each of the works was sold.  Bohl referred to the front gallery as the 'show room' and the back space as a garage' - applying terms from the world of car dealing to the ones of art dealing.

Bohl showed the exact same group of works in his recent exhibition in the Kunstverein in Hamburg, even giving the same title to both shows.

...Bohl sites this repetion as a means of tackling today's steady pressure on artists to constantly produce new works and to come up with fresh ideas for each exhibition. 

...According to Bohl, this allows the artist to gain time for the more important things in life - things not related to art."

From Frieze Issue 145

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